Just curious what you all thought. It all happened so fast, I remember him completing like 3 passes in a row to start the game, and moving the ball down field well on the first drive. Then I remember Torrey Smith running backwards, a couple of short passes that fell incomplete, a couple of penalties, and a punt.

Next drive, another short pass falls incomplete, then there's a run for no gain and a huge sack.

The sack was obviously the offensive line not protecting well enough, I mean, it happened way before the play could even come close to developing.

The running game was getting stuffed. In order of occurrence, our running plays went for: 3, 5, 3, -4, 2, 0 yards. Basically one successful run out of 6 attempts, and two blown up for a loss or no. 9 yards on 6 carries (1.5 yards per attempt).

Flacco's early rhythm was good, then somehow got disrupted and he went 1/5 after starting 3/3. It was mostly "short" passes that weren't working, and one "deep", according to the play by play descriptions. I can't honestly remember the plays well enough to remember why these passes fell incomplete.

Anybody have any insight into why so many short passes were falling incomplete? I mean, I know a 15 yard penalty on Rice didn't help the offense's rhythm any in the first series. I know that the run game getting stuffed wasn't helping any. He only attempted 1 pass in the second series, a short pass that fell incomplete...

Anything that we can ascertain from this game? I know the play book was probably extra vanilla on purpose, both because they wanted to minimize injury, and because they didn't really care about winning the game, so they didn't want to give anything away.

I wonder if Flacco would have even started the game at all if he didn't have a nice consecutive games started streak going?