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    Re: How much does Pagano know about the Ravens?

    I'm sure he knows enough to help his team game plan. Especially on defense.
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    Re: How much does Pagano know about the Ravens?

    I don't think anyone knows anything about the Ravens right now. Reading the SI, CBS columns this morning, everyone basically saying the same thing, that nobody has any clue what the Ravens are right now. The offense is a total mystery and Sunday will be the first time our defense has everybody (except Webb ) active all year long. I guess Chuck has some knowledge of the Ravens defensive players, what they do best and what they don't do so well, but other than that, not much.

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    Re: How much does Pagano know about the Ravens?

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    How much does Chuck know about his own team? He's had much bigger things going on for most of the season.
    Ha, good point.

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    Re: How much does Pagano know about the Ravens?

    He knows when/where/how Ed Reed likes to gamble.
    That could be a problem for us.

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    Re: How much does Pagano know about the Ravens?

    I think both Pagano and Caldwell know alot about each other's players.
    And we know much about the 3-4 that Pagano has placed in Indy.
    And our Offense has played the Steelers, one of the best 3-4 in the league, year after year.
    I think we will be able to move the ball. I remember the way to get after the Colts was to negate their pass rush by running right at Freeney. Well, they will still get in the backfield, so the ball has to come out quick in the passing game and take advantage of the middle of the field with all receivers.

    The thing that changed the landscape was sending Cam packing.
    Peyton may know Caldwell the best but he isn't a Colt, so this is an advantage game plan wise for the Ravens.
    Caldwell is using much more of the playbook and getting as creative as he can be.
    And I believe we will see things every week we seldom see.
    And if something works, Caldwell will come back to it again later in the game.
    Caldwell has the advantage of knowing what other teams are watching and preparing to stop based on Cam, not him.

    Pagano knows many of our players and some of their strengths and weaknesses. So does Caldwell.
    I think it is up to Caldwell to be the bigger difference maker. He has the upper hand right now.


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