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    Harbaugh Pagano relationship

    I seem to recall Harbaugh being asked a couple of weeks ago if he had talked to Coach Pagano. He politely noted he had not spoke to him since his illness, which surprised me a bit.

    Today when asked about hin at his press conference, he talked about the football team, and the coaches in general but did not talk about Pagano specifically. He seemed to deflect the question and talked about the Indy team.

    I have never heard him talk negatively about the Coach, but I was somewhat surprised that he did not seem that close to Pagano.

    Anyone else notice this? Any thoughts on why?

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    Re: Harbaugh Pagano relationship

    Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider
    John harbaugh on chuck pagano 'he's one my closest friends in coaching its phenomenal'

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    Re: Harbaugh Pagano relationship

    Aaron Wilson says different

    “@RavensInsider: John harbaugh on chuck pagano 'he's one my closest friends in coaching its phenomenal'”

    You're making something out of nothing, sorry

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    Re: Harbaugh Pagano relationship

    Thanks guys. This makes me feel better. It is unlike Harbaugh to be like that, but his answer did surprise me a little bit.

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    Re: Harbaugh Pagano relationship

    Given Harbs' mastery of coach speak, I wouldn't be surprised if the OP is right. He is hard to read sometimes, but notice he said "one of my closest friends in coaching." It would seem weird to me as well that you wouldn't talk to someone who is such a great friend while they are battling leukemia.


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