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I agree to an extent. I don't like the fit of Chip Kelly for the Browns and it sounds like he's their first choice. Bill O'Brien is their second choice and that could be a decent fit... obviously O'Brien has experience turning bad situations around. But I think a guy like Lovie Smith or Mike Nolan are both good choices. Defense is the strength of the Browns and they need to grow that team with smothering defense, a good running game, and a passing attack that controls and protects the football and moves methodically down the field.

Honestly the Browns are a team on the rise and if they had a competent coaching staff and GM with real winning DNA, they could go far. They need to hit on another draft class to upgrade the team talent level, and they need coaches that can consistently motivate and put together winning game plans. They could easily be a playoff team in 2014 if they get the right people running the ship.

As for the Bills... sounds like they're going to hire Whisenhunt and I don't really get that. I like Ken Whisenhunt a lot but the reason he failed in Arizona is that he never had a real QB to run his offense. Now he's going to go to Buffalo where they don't have a real QB either? Seems like they'll be taking a QB early in the draft and seeing if he can beat out Fitzpatrick, not sure if that will happen in this draft class. Can Tyler Wilson or Tyler Bray step in and be what Ben Roethlisberger was when Whisenhunt was in Pittsburgh? They ran the ball well and asked Ben to throw off play-action and convert some 3rd downs. Maybe...

If I were Buffalo I would be looking at Chip Kelly. They already have experience in the spread from Chan Gailey's time there, and they could easily go out and get a QB who can run the spread option. They have GREAT personnel to run that system and it could catch teams by surprise.
I agree about Chip Kelly to Buffalo.

CJ Spiller is perfect for Kelly's offense and they already have 2 QB's on their offense who can run the spread zone-read (Brad Smith and Tarvares Jackson). Buffalo could also make a move for Tajh Boyd.