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Looking at all of this firing madness makes me realize how spoiled we are.

Playoffs 5 straight years. No other team can claim that. True, no SB's in those years, but there are about 28 other franchises that would kill just to have such consistency in reaching the playoffs.

Only 1 team can win anyway, and how valuable is a SB win really when a 9-7 team can get in, play well for 3 games, and win on one lucky ass pass? Seriously, SB's can be won in some pretty stupid ways. It is one game. The point is to always be in a position to get to that game, and we know anything can happen in one game of football.

You see teams like Buffalo that just seem to have a turnstile for coaches coming in and out. They are never building toward anything, just constantly rebuilding.

Harbaugh will never be confused for an offensive or defensive "genius" like you see some of these other guys get labelled (some of the same guys are looking for a job right now). But he does seem to be a pretty good leader of men. Of course having some great talent makes any coach look better, but there are plenty of teams that have some good talent yet fail year after year.

So when we nitpick Harbaugh's stupid challenges and such, just take a second to think about how good we really have it. There are some really bad teams out there. Not just their W/L's. But culturally some of these teams just seem lost, stuck in perennial loser-ville.

Plus we always have our domination in our lone SB win to always hang our hats on. Teams that have been around much longer than the Ravens don't even have that.

Can you imagine being a Lion's fan?:bag:
The goal isn't to get to the playoffs every year. Call it spoiled if you want but I don't see why the Ravens fans should be aiming lower than the Steelers, Giants and Patriots fans do. That doesn't mean you fire Harbaugh but it does mean he should be criticized.