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    Re: Average at best draft?

    Quote Originally Posted by sailorsam View Post
    *would be awesome of Gino can become an NFL center. didn't see the game, heard he did well.
    *Chykie Brown seems to have been a good investment.
    *that 04 draft was a huge stinker. was that that personnel guy that went to the Bronws? (DeCosta?)
    DeCosta has never left the Ravens although half the NFL teams have tried to lure him away. He's waiting for Ozzie to retire and making about as much as most GMs anyway. That's what it took for Bisciotti to keep him.

    Phil Savage left to become the Browns GM and was fired and then DeCosta's
    assistant left to become Browns GM and he was fired too but Ravens brought
    him back. I can't think of his name.

    Ravens were high on Mallett.

    Ravens took Rice because CAM wanted two RBs to get thru an NFL season.

    NE wanted Rice too but their GM who is now KCs GM and Ozzie's assist during
    SB 35 called after the draft and said they were surprised we took Rice since
    we had McGahee. Ozzie said CAM wanted two good RBs. So everyone give
    a big thank U to CAM. Rice would have gone to NE. BTW, NE was high
    on Bernard Pierce this year. So was Pissburgh. Both teams also liked Gino.

    That's why Bellicheat jumped in front of Ozzie to get Gronk. Like posted he
    knew we needed a TE and was scared to death Oz would steal Gronk like he
    did Rice.

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    Re: Average at best draft?

    okay, I was thinking of Savage, not DeCosta. I think he was behind the '04 draft.
    Baltimore Ravens, 2012 NFL Champions!


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