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To some degree you have to adjust for what they were working with each year. It's quite a handicap to start out with the 29th pick in each round
Yeah, I wanted everyone to keep in mind that Ngata and Suggs and Flacco all were obtained because they were in a better slot. Likewise, I wanted to remind people about some of the "sleeper" value they were able to get in some later rounds because, like picking later in each round, is an indicator of overachieving in scouting.

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and while 2008 yielded 2 foundational starters, the rest of the picks are fairly disappointing considering we started with the 8th pick in every round and had bonus picks after trading down with Jacksonville.
That's why it's hard to rate some of these classes. Flacco and Rice are impact players. Do they count more heavily than a "solid B" class with a Grubbs/Yanda/McClain? Also, do you credit them for UDFA Jameel McClain in 2008?

How much better is 2002, Ed Reed's class, when you consider that Chester Taylor came in the sixth and Will Demps and Bart Scott were UDFA's?

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That said, if Gradkowski develops into a starting Center, the trade down from 29 to 35 while still picking up Upshaw will go down as one of Ozzie's finest draft day moves. It's also way too early to make a judgment on Asa Jackson or Christian Thompson which could significantly nudge 2012 up the ranks.
Correct. I'm actually higher on the UDFAs from this class than the back end of the draft itself. Justin Tucker, Bobby Rainey, and Deonte Thompson are interesting players to say the least.