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Wow Dude,i feel like a dentist with that pick that hit a nerve! Worst post ever? C'mon, the truth really must hurt. All over expecting a #1 pick to play like #1 pick? Really.

Way too many words to even read.

All I want is for the Ravens #1 pick not to lose games, (which he has with red zone picks, fumbles, deer in the headlight look, duh! ) Hell, I don't even wont him to win games, just don't keep losing them by throwing the game away.
I uh, I uh...I don't know about this one guys, maybe we should throw him back in the water. Don, you remind me of a guy I work with. He always used that wonderful, 'deer in the headlights' phrase and even chided Flacco for having the gall to throw away a pass instead of 'taking the sack like a man'. What a moron. The both of you. How many games has Flacco actually, 'thrown away'? Gimme a break. Jesus Christ, the mental midgets on this board make me want to hunt the lot of you down, get you in a room and let you scratch each others' eyes out with a spoon. Because it hurts more, you twits.