The Ravens dominated the Giants in a must win game for NY. They clearly had a much better gameplan and you could see the effect of the use of the filmroom. They targeted the Giants weaknesses thoughout the game and didnt stop to try make game balanced. You just need to be effective not balanced and do what works until it is stopped. Ravens offense created mismatches all over the feild, basically negated any Giant pass rush. On defense, they pressure Manning moreso than any game he has seen this year, got pressure with regular rush and blitz schemes. Kruger is really turning into a pocket crusher, maybe best Raven defender right now. Complete domination. Even with the officials lopsided officiating. That's what gameplanning and filmroom studying looks like. Also, they had no problems getting plays in on time with clock winding down, also nice to see for once. The tempo was good throughout the game. Only negative was Oher's mental mistakes...he will have a few everygame. The Giants where a desperate team needing a win don't overlook that, they needed more than the Ravens did. Very impressive. First time I've seen Joe "really'
look comfortable in a game not against teams like Oakland or Cleveland at home. Kudos to the coaching staff for this win.