Because it looked to me like Chykie brown is ready for the big time. He was balling out there.. Chykie is one of my favourite players on the team. He has worked his way up from a practice squad player, to being our best corner last night.

Jimmy Smith guys...... When will it come together for this guy? This season was basically a waste. I'm patient because it is his second season. But man he just seems like a big Athletic guy out there. You need skill to play Corner, which he just doesn't seem to have the skills needed to play the position. Hopefully Year 3 is better than Year 2.

That said Chykie brown. Props to you. I'm loving the way this guy is playing right now. He is a big physical corner as well. He is only an inch shorter than Jimmy Smith, and he is almost as big. He has gotten better throughout the season. Last night was almost Shutdown stuff, because they definitely threw at him quite a bit. He held his own for sure. Here's to him getting better.