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Mike Perreira politely said that Harbaugh is an idiot....nothing that any of us haven't already seen. Great motivator. Awful game strategist.

He made 5-6 coaching mistakes last week against Denver. In yesterday's game, he made 3 coaching mistakes in the span of the last 5 minutes of the half

1-failure to challenge the Manning fumble

2-failure to use a time out after the Ayanbadejo sack put Giants in a 2nd and 17 at their own 10 yard line with roughly 50 seconds left. The Ravens only had two left at that point, but you use one right up front to stop the clock and then you hope that the Giants either throw an incompletion or go out bounds (which Cruz did the very next play). You never know if the Giants run a passing play those 2nd and 3rd downs if the Ravens do use their 2nd time out with 50 seconds to go, but you at least have to pressure them into this decision. On 2nd and 17 from the Giant 10 yard line, the odds are MUCH stronger than you can turn that position into point than the opposition will.

3 -failure to throw a hail mary at the end of the first half when the Ravens had the ball at the 50 yard line.

These are unforgivable coaching mistakes. The failure to throw the hail mary was total laziness.

In 15 games this year, I swear Harbaugh has made at least 15 coaching mistakes with regards to clock management just in the last few minutes of the first half. After the games, he acts so disconnected from these simple coaching scenarios, and that makes me think he's in over his head in terms of understand game strategy and probabilities.
Excellent summary. I agree with everything you said. We can all agree that Harbaugh is a very good (albeit inconsistent at times) motivator and pre-game manager. However, he is a catastrophic liability on game day because of his inability to manage the game and make good tactical decisions.

He's not the only coach that has those problems, though. Andy Reid has been derided as a bad game-day coach for a long time. Harbaugh can improve in those respects, although it seems unlikely after he cost this team a chance to tie the AFCCG last year and blew several games this year. I still hope he does.