If that is your strategy, Benard Pierce is actually your guy. Not Ray Rice. If you are looking for that guy to consistently get four to five yards, while wearing down a defense, that is Pierce. If you are looking for a guy who will end up averaging four yards per carry, because he breaks one for 20 here and there, that is Rice.

Today, they used Rice in space more, where he should have been used before now. He was much more electrifying. Instead of trying to use him the way they should have been using Pierce.

So, if you want to go power run, Rice isn't even the best option on your team for that, but you just paid him a lot of money.

What are you going to do?

I'm not saying trade Rice. I'm saying that the power running style the Ravens have been using for so long is getting old. Rice's style deviates from it. What Joe does best deviates from it. It's time to be more creative.