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    Re: Bengals vs. Steelers

    Quote Originally Posted by Uli2001 View Post
    For the Ravens to have lost that game is a disgrace, and a farse.

    This team should be 11-5 right now (and maybe 12-4 if the special teams pick up the Redskin fumble near the end of the game).

    or another win if not for a terrible call taking a TD away from Jacoby Jones in Philly AGAIN. Jacoby gets no love. Always alot of "ifs" in everyteams season no matter what team.

  2. Re: Bengals vs. Steelers

    Quote Originally Posted by Boulderraven View Post
    Steelers lost 5 of 6 only win vs Baltimore. 3 in a row with Ben.
    For Shittsburgh, I'm thinking it will be 6 of 7 to close out the season, with a loss to Cleveland next week.

    Browns sweep them on the season - Fitting ending for them.

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    Re: Bengals vs. Steelers

    Quote Originally Posted by lovefootball View Post
    Steelers are irrelevant for the rest of the season. Will they draft a QB next draft? Did they over pay BR. Hell, will the media even notice.
    The media gave the Steelers every single chance even this week saying that they would win out and the Ravens would lose out so Pitt could win the division. The Ravens OTOH were frauds, fakes, weak and in total disarray.

    Mind you the Steelers lost to some truly pitiful teams while the Ravens in losing 3 in a row lost in the closing seconds of two of those.

    The Bengals get more credit than the Ravens.


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