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    Quote Originally Posted by Boulderraven View Post
    FREE SAFETIES arent supposed to make many tackles, if they do its a real bad sign of other problems.
    This is flat out silly and wholly inaccurate.

    Some of the best tacklers in the league are safeties.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Quote Originally Posted by Paintballguy View Post
    Part of the job of being a safety is to make a saving tackle if the ball carrier made it past the front 7 and/or corners. I think it's a pretty big part of being a safety.

    "Safeties are the last line of defense, and are thus expected to be sure tacklers. "
    I always thought the name was self-evident. If all else fails, you got a buy back there for safety.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Reed and Williams are the only two defensive players who've started every game
    World Domination 3 Points at a Time!

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Silver View Post
    Sorry, I was getting an X-ray on my hand and hit the wrong quote!

    ^^^this for thatVVV

    Come on, did you just type that bullshit? Ronnie Lott was one of the most FEARED tacklers in the history of the NFL... and a free safety.
    Lott spent much of his career as a cornerback and strong safety. His tackle numbers were much higher at those positions than they were as FS.

    I don't hink he is saying free safeties are bad tacklers, just that they get less opportunities because the strong safety is the one playing more run support. The FS is usually shadowing a TE or split back and won't be involved in most of the action.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Quote Originally Posted by Boulderraven View Post
    I havent seed Ed miss a tackle to create a TD yet this season, his pick vs the Steelers should of salted that game away, but the Oline/OC gave the ball right back.
    Pretty sure he whiffed on Heyward-Bay in the Oakland game. Hit him instead of tackling him, DHB ran straight into the EZ, and Ed hurt himself in the process.

    I love Ed Reed, and I hope he retires a Raven. That said, he just ain't what he once was. Sadly, he's far from the only one on the Ravens' roster...

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    The entire defense is not what it was just last year.
    Our Dline, for the most part, has been getting blown back off the line of scrimmage into the linebackers all season.
    It is impossible to play inside linebacker effectively in that situation.
    From that, the entire defense breaks down.
    Opposing offenses can run whenever they want, keeping THEIR defense off the field and rested.
    Then our offense comes in and goes 3 and out...and our defense is right back on the field again.
    The Denver game was our biggest deficiencies surfacing all at once.

    Ed is not the player he was.
    Neither is Ngata or Ray, and Suggs is playing hurt, too.
    We have lost so much from last year that all our shortcomings have been magnified.

    Ed cannot be himself back there when every quarterback has a running game and all day to throw.
    Right now, this defense is a shell of it's former self due to losses in FA, decline in talent, and injuries and age.
    But that is not the case on offense.
    As a TEAM, the Ravens are in big trouble.
    Focusing on one defensive player who is back 20 yards off the ball, at this point, is ridiculous.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Done? Not sure about that, but I will say that Ed is not playing the way he has in the past. The tackling is terrible right now, which IMO the labrum injury has allot to do with that. Also the front seven has not been able to stop the run or get pressure on the QB, which puts allot more pressure on the DB's. I agree with the thought that our DB's this year are under a great deal of pressure to cover and to stop the run. It is not pretty and the whole D is responsible, not just one guy.
    "Screw it, let's ride"!


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