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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Quote Originally Posted by cealex1223 View Post
    I'm assuming that means you disagree with me. I just don't think he's "done".
    As a Raven? Yes. He is not worth more than the vet minimum and he won't take that. Done deal.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Quote Originally Posted by bpmurr View Post
    I said this in another thread about Ed and I'll say the same thing here. Ed can still play his position at a high level. He just can't play it like Ed Reed anymore with all the Freelancing. The physical tools to recover from a bad decision aren't there like in the past. Can Ed just play safety without gambling so much? That I'm not sure about.
    I agree with you, but apparently I'm in the minority.

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    When I get some time I'm going to check out the all22 on reed.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    I would not count Mr. Reed out just yet!!
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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Ed Reed is still one of the elite safeties in the league. I guarantee you that every quarterback in the league would be very relieved if Ed Reed retired.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    you guys are crazy. Pollard and Reed best tandem in NFL. Problem is Dline push, lack of LB's, and hurt corners. Safety is not the issue. The center of the Raven dline has no push and rarely if ever collapses the pocket, you used to not be able to run on the Ravens, then they would take the run away from you and make you 1 demensional. That cant do that now. Talent is lacking in several spots, Safety is not one of them.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    As I posted elsewhere, Ed Reed is being Ed Reed, but doesn't have the athleticism that Ed Reed needs to be Ed Reed. He undercuts balls looking for the interception, but when he gambles, he isn't nearly as successful as he has been in the past. He's lost a few steps, and unfortunately, you can see definite instances where it's cost the team.

    Take Decker's TD for instance in the Bronco's game. Decker had 2 steps on Cary thanks to biting on Play Action. Once Decker made the catch, there was no way Cary would have gotten him. However, the person who should have gotten him was Ed Reed, who instead had undercut the route and was completely out of place. That's just once instance, and I'm sure there have been others.

    I love Ed Reed, and I love watching him play, but he's clearly lost a step or two, and his tackling has been incredibly subpar (understandable due to the injury). However, by the same token, I don't really think that there's a better alternative on the team at all. Maybe there is, but I'm not 100% sure.

  8. Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    If hurdling Ed Reed were an Olympic sport it'd be called the Modern Cant-tack-alon.

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  9. Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    With that shoulder/neck, Ed should just retire, or if he really wants a shot at a ring, then he should go to a team that can win now and ride the bench as a backup.

    But Ed's got too much drive and too much pride to do either.
    He;ll probably get the Ray Lewis treatment from our FO: go test the free agency market and when you see there's no interest in a 35 year old safety with a chronic injury, then he'll come back to the Ravens, if they still want him, for a 2 year deal at a cap friendly, reasonable price.

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    I agree he doesn't "need" to go. Even hurt, he's still someone other teams have to game plan for.

    But I cannot see this FO giving in to his contract demands. He's good, but I'm getting the sense he's burned a bridge or two with his antics so I'm not so sure the team wants him back.

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    vinny cerrato is saying on the fan that that td to decker was cary's fault...on that play ed had the underneath and cary was supposed to get deep...cary admitted it on 'one winning drive'

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    Re: Ed Reed needs to go

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    I agree he doesn't "need" to go.
    Houston, the hysteria train is clearly leaving the station, and you are missing it. Shame on you.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.


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