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Q is gone, unless he takes a pay cut, Ray will probably be asked to take a pay cut, but I don't see him getting cut, especially with the way the DL played, Willis would have had trouble behind our DL. Birk is gone, Williams is gone, I think Jones stays, I think depends on what type of OC they bring in, if they go WC will a 4mil FB be worth it. I would like to see McClain gone, pending his injury, think the cap hit is to high unless they can get Ellerbe at a good price. Reed will Retire he will not put his pride down and he is just to banged up to go somewhere else. Be really surprised if he takes 3mil, can't see them offer him more than that.

Don't be surprised if some restructuring takes place (Ngata and Suggs) Ngata should take a pay cut based off of his performance the past 1.5 years at his price he should causing more Mendenhall type fumbles and blowing plays up.
Ngata's problems havent been Ngata, but everyone else. The first 4 games each of the past 2 years he's played at a DPOY level, and then he begins to break down. the problem is that he plays far too high a percentage of this teams snaps, commands double teams on every snap and simply wears down faster then we would like. Get him some help, and give him a bit more breather breaks and we will see that DPOY -type player for a longer period of time each year.