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I don't know if they can really afford to trade up...at least far considering we need a lot of our picks due to having a bunch of holes.

But like you guys have said, the time of trading back is over. I can't remember the last time that Ozzie traded out of the first round that he was successful later on with the picks he gained.

I thought it would benefit us if he actually looked to the future and took a future high pick, but Ozzie just seems way too content to load up on 3rd and 4th rounders to trade 20 spots back from his spot in the first round.

Even in 2008...I thought it was awful...absolutely awful at the time that we didn't get Jax to give us a #1 pick the following year...instead Ozzie dropped back damn near 20 spots and frankly I was kind of pissed that we moved that far back for a couple 3rd and 4th rounders. He should have looked into it in 2010 as well.
I agree that oz should have asked for a 1st rd pick the following year but had that been the case we would have gotten nothing that year except for the swap in picks which means we would not have had the ammo to move up 6 spots in the 1st rd to get flacco. I am sure that option was there but oz wanted the picks in that draft. and i would value the 2 3rds and a 4th about the same as a mid 1st rounder which is what jax had in 2009.

Bottom line is Oz likes picks and we all know that and he also HATES parting with picks unless it is for a huge need like Boldin was in 2010. this year we have a lot of picks (comp picks) so i think this is the year we move up and get that impact player. D Line is deep so we could sit where we are and pick and move up in the 2nd round.