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You guys are probably going to look at me really strangely, but if I were Ozzie I would be interested in seeing if anyone would cough up some draft picks for Ngata.

#1 - the dude is REALLY expensive.
#2 - he hasn't really been healthy for an entire season in 2 years.
#3 - he's not producing like an impact player.

I know the guy sees a lot of double teams and I know he still could be one of the top DT's in the league...but I see his price tag and I think to myself that maybe he's just not worth that much at this point. Maybe that money would be better spent retaining Kruger and trying to sign Clady or Jake Long if they were to hit the open market?

The emergence of Art Jones and the things that DeAngelo Tyson have shown (as well as a healthy Pernell McPhee) have made me think that maybe Ngata becomes expendable. I sincerely doubt it would happen, but I do think it warrants consideration.
In this age of win now, I don't think the Ravens can not look at every option. There isn't one player on this team I deem untouchable, not even Ray Rice. Wait, Tucker, you can't have the kicker!