I think it's obvious at this point that this overly cautious front office strategy must be shelved over the next couple years so this team is able to compete long-term. This is stuff like trading down into the second round for quantity over quality, overpaying old guys with bloating contracts to the point that we can never make any aggressive moves in free agency. I'm not saying we need to become Daniel Snyder or Jerry Jones, but Ozzie/DeCosta or whoever need to stop tip-toeing through the off season instead of watching the Denvers, the New England's, the Houston's etc. get younger, faster, and better while we're anchored to bloated contracts for guys who are no longer producing. So what does this all mean? It means we need to make moves like...

Release Ray Lewis-He's been great, the best of all time at his position, but it's time to move on. He's 37 and making like 4 million next year. We could use that dough elsewhere.
Let Ed Reed test free agency/retire.-He's been great over the years, but this years, his game has come apart. He's constantly out of position on those big plays in the seams. His gambling is nothing, he's been doing this for years, but now he's slower and can't recover. He's also done a lot of bad guessing that's cost this team big. Don't even get me started on his tackling, it's been bad for at least 3 years, this year it's been taken to new levels of shittiness. Getting hurdled over twice this year? By Brent Celek and Knowshawn Moreno? C'mon!
Matt Birk-This guy is "smart" and all, but he gets destroyed by Vince Wilfork, Casey Hampton and other dominant tackles and his advantage in technique can no longer cover up his physical limitations. The quarterback can't move up into the pocket when the center is on his ass every play.
Boldin-I loved the move when they made it, but he's no worth the five or so million they're scheduled to pay him next year. We need to use that money to go after a true number 1 receiver like Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings, Danny Amendola or see what Doss can do in an expanded role.
Bobbie Williams-This guy is old and just doesn't have it anymore. 'Nuff said.
Oher-move this guy to guard, so he doesn't have to deal with speed rushers at all. He's a dominant run blocker but as we all can see, he's very mediocre in pass pro.
With the savings from these moves, we can go get that left tackle from Kansas City or maybe Jake Long. Then we can go 100% defense and OL depth in this draft because the bottom line is this team is getting destroyed in the trenches to an extent that I've not seen in years.