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The team doesn't have a good enough track record of developing QB's to go for a project guy in the rounds where they could have picked a player with more immediate impact.
I agree with you in one sense, but that mentality is also why this team is stuck with Joe Flacco at QB and no other options. They've failed in the past to develop QBs but they also failed in the past to develop WRs, and both Smith and Doss look like they're going to pan out. You have to start trying sometime, now's the time.

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wait... I haven't been following this thread closely.

Are there peopel that ACTUALLY think that Alex Smith has been better recently then Flacco? WOW. I thoguth there was only one loon ont he other board, who's been trumpeting this pioint for days with nothing but cherry picked efficiency stats and no mention of Cam/Flacco's propensity to go deep. Alex Smith is the most risk averse QB in football by a LONGSHOT. That is the ONLY reason that pathetic BUST of a QB matured into an accpetable starter in what would be Flacco's next year.
Yeah, Alex Smith is trash. Jim Harbaugh designed his entire system around making it impossible for Alex Smith to screw up. That's why he has so many sacks--the kid has been coached to go through no more than two reads and if the checkdown isn't there, take a sack. Alex Smith's 100+ QB rating is an incredible fraud.

Definitely don't think the Ravens should sign Smith. Flacco might wilt under pressure just as bad as Smith, but at least he can make every throw on the field, which Smith can't.