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I agree with any team running the "it's just business" approach if a player is asking for top 5 money when he clearly doesn't deserve it.

Honestly, I don't care what other teams "would" give Flacco. It's pretty easy to find a bunch of horrible QB contracts out there. If Joe Flacco doesn't like or accept what the Ravens feel is a fair offer (which already happened 4 months ago) then he can walk. I'm not saying that's necessarily ideal but neither is overpaying for him.

There are a bunch of moving parts with this thing. The next 3 (or more) games could swing things as well.

What we are seeing play out is exactly the reason teams should never let a QB situation get to this.

I agree. But now that it's AT this point, it's going to just have to play out however it plays out. The bottom line remains...how will the Ravens fare if they decide NOT to pay Joe what he wants? What other options do they have?