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Up until this year, there was an interesting dynamic at play in the Washington DC area...especially the northern suburbs. Whereas parents were die-hard Redskins fans, their kids had started taking a liking to the Ravens since the Skins were so bad and the Ravens were constantly winning. I don't know how many times I heard people I work with say: "I can't stand the Ravens, but my son loves them and Ray Rice." Or something to that effect.

Now that RG3 is on the scene, that will likely not be the case so much, but the Ravens have definitely made in-roads into the DC fan-base.
would have to agree-
I think RG3 may have created new fans.
Im indifferent to the skins but RG3 is a wonder to watch.
And he is young. Kids like players then like the team...
Torrey and Rice for the Ravens and RG3 and Morris for the skins if you live closer to that area.