I don't really think there is a conspiracy about Bryant McKinnie not playing but I could see how someone might think that the Ravens don't want to give Flacco the money he wants, so they are going to stick to their guns at left tackle with Oher... I honestly don't believe that the team I love would do something to that extent to save money..However, if someone were to think it, I can completely understand because Michael Oher is NOT A LEFT TACKLE...I think he is a good O-lineman and would be better served at guard or right tackle...

Has Flacco played great this year? Emphatically NO! I can agree that Joe does hold the ball too long at times. But the offensive line has played worse and I for one am so tired and weary from watching replay after replay of Joe getting hit two to three seconds after the ball has snapped! Where's Jah? He's focused on one defenseman while another slips between he and Oher... And Birk? He's on his arse quite a lot during the game which collapses the pocket with no way to step up in the pocket. I just heard a clip of Birk telling Andy Moehler(spell check), "This game sucks"..

I have one question for the Ravens:

How can your QB feel comfortable behind an O-line in which he is supposed to trust to protect him when his blindside is not protecting him? FRUSTRATED