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ok, can anyone w any coaching/or good football knowledge explain me to me why teams dont ever 11-man rush a punt?it worked for detroit that day, and its the only time i can remember it being done. just quickly thinking about it, i couldnt see any drawbacks to it. even a ball not fielded can bounce in any direction, including backwards. i would imagine that 11-man fronts on punts would cause WAY more havoc w total blocks,partial blocks,tips,and rushed punts then the slight possibility of a return TD.
It happens Scottie B.... You'll see 11-man punt rush at the end of the game when a team is a score behind and they have no time to drive the field on offense (due to no TOs left). Just like in the Detriot game. Should it happen more? Maybe... How about an 11man rush when a team is punting on your side of the field and trying to pin you inside the 10? Its a gamble b/c the punt can bounce at say the 15 and roll to 3. If you had a punt returner back there, he could have fair caught the punt. Another reason why the 11man rush is risky is b/c you dont have space to come at the punter at angles, and the guys coming straight up the middle potentially could rough up the punter right after he punts the ball. 15yd penalty.