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In my youth, I went to 7 or 8 Colts games from 80-83.... Every game I went to they frickin loss except for last one... The Houston Oiler game. Little did I know then, it would be the last Colt game for everyone.

The only time in my Colts experience that they actually had a glimmer of hope was in 83 when they were 6-4. My dad scored some tickets to the Steelers game at home so it was the only time I was truly excited for a possible playoff season. Of course, Cliff Stoudt & the Steelers broke my heart (hated the Squealers back then too) and the rest of the season went into the tank.

Whenever I start getting pissed off that the Ravens are struggling at 9-5, I take a timeout, and remember how hopeless the Colts were in my youth. We should all thank our lucky stars that #1 WE AMAZINGLY HAVE A TEAM which is miracle, and #2 THEY WIN A LOT. It just really pisses me off when Ravens fans get so angry when everything doesnt go to their likening during a game, even when the team F----ING WINS THE GAME. Sure the Ravens have a lot of issues, but for Christ Sake, enjoy it a little that we have a Baltimore football team, and they win a lot.
Oliver Luck was Houston's QB in the final game for the Colts in Baltimore. Weird.