Speaking of that phony FG in GB, Baltimore complained about it so much the NFL raised the goal posts the following year and called it the Baltimore Extension.

That was an inside joke in re to all the bitching we did about the FG. They're still the same height today.

Shula beleived the game was fixed and NFL didn't want a backup RB as the premier QB in its showcase game.

So Colts went to Miami to play in the PO Bowl vs Dallas. Shula shocked the team during the week and said he was going to let Matte open it up. Everyone was shocked.

Before the game Shula watched Matte's warmups standing next to Tex Schram who kept laughing at all his high misses. Matte over-threw everything in practice just like Dilfer did before SB 35.

But in the end Matte beat Dallas by 30 points and tore apart Landry's famous flex defense.

Shula laughed on the plane ride home saying Matte didn't even know what a flex defense was.

The press and NFL were pissed at Shula for running up the score but he didn't give a damn.

He had a point to prove.

He would have won that Championship game with a backup RB to Lenny Moore as the premeir QB.