Come on now.. you just can't have the GBU threads after wins.


Dennis Pitta - huge day even with the drops.. If he catches the drops, he may crack 200 yds receiving. The 61 yard TD was sweet.


Terrence Cody - seriously, this guy is supposed to be a run stuffer?

Cary Williams - Eric Decker pwned him all day. If not for a couple overthrows, it's probably a 200 yd/3 TD game

Ed Reed - He got away with cheating plays when our CB's could cover down field. Now he cheats and our CB's get burnt all day. His days here have to be numbered.


Joe Flacco - no need to expound

John Harbaugh - two things here stick out.. one, you have 3 timeouts left and 37 seconds and you rush a play on first and goal? Call a freaking timeout there and make sure you have plays lined up. Secondly, where was the two point conversion when we pulled 34-16? Seriously? That's basically telling your team to quit with 4 minutes left. Detroit, one of the worst teams in the league this year scored two TD's in 58 seconds earlier this year. I got pissed when he sent the kicking team out. Talk about a white flag move...