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    iggyman555 Guest

    Re: Bright spots from today

    i won my fantasy matchup

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    Re: Bright spots from today

    Jacoby Jones continues to impress. He didn't break one (but came close a few times), but he is explosive on returns, and had a nice day at WR.

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    Re: Bright spots from today

    Bright spot is that it was just one loss in the loss column. Hopefully the ravens develop a short memory, regroup and start over. Also another week for guys who missed yesterday's game to get healty for this week's game.

    Another bright spot is that perhaps we are catching the Giants at the right time but they could say the same for us

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    Re: Bright spots from today

    Quote Originally Posted by leachisabeast View Post
    Doss compares favourably with Decker, now if he breaks out next season the way Decker has, that would be awesome. Sadly, we do not have Peyton Manning throwing him the ball.
    I also made the comparison to Decker in an earlier thread. Similar body types--long and lean, with long arms and big hands. Neither have "burner" speed, but both are very quick in and out of their cuts and have very good route running/separation skills.

    Both of them seem to have a very good feel for reading coverages and finding soft spots, Decker moreso but Doss has shown a little bit of that and could improve. Both are good YAC guys--did you guys notice Doss almost breaking a long punt return toward the end of the game? GREAT elusiveness with the ball in his hands.

    If we do what I HOPE we do next year and bring in a new offensive system (and perhaps new QB), we really have some great pieces for a WCO. Doss would look good in that system, Pitta would look GREAT, Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce are also good fits. Torrey Smith isn't a phenomenal fit with his bad route running but defenses would need to respect his speed deep and on crossing routes.

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    Re: Bright spots from today

    Quote Originally Posted by jaydee414 View Post
    Too funny! I know how you feel.


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