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    Re: A thought I had...

    I've been a huge Flacco fan during his entire tenure here and have defended him time and time again when his ability has been questioned. I maintain that he still could be a good quarterback when surrounded by a lot of elite talent with a supportive playcaller.

    But I'm starting to look at things in a new light now, and chiefly because of two things: 1) ball security, and 2) decision-making. I simply can't abide a quarterback who is a persistent threat to turn the ball over at any time. I always called for the QB sneak in short yardage because it's the highest-percentage option, but after Joe fumbled on a routine sneak yesterday they probably shouldn't run that play anymore. He just can't hang onto the ball when hit.

    He's also still making 5 or 6 terrible throws a game--the kind of throws that NFL QBs don't make. If you remember, he actually threw several near-picks in both the Cincinnati and New England games, the only difference is the DBs didn't quite make the play. Yesterday, he threw another one at the goal line, a horrible decision and throw that he needs to know not to do by now.

    I just don't think he's improving in those areas. He's terribly inconsistent from game to game, quarter to quarter, and snap to snap. If he had an elite pass-blocking line and elite pass-catchers, he would surely look a lot better. I would love to see him play under a new coordinator. But I don't think any of those things will help the innate flaws Flacco had, flaws which I excused previously since any player has flaws in his game. I'm not sure if I want to excuse them anymore.

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    Re: A thought I had...

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Actually, the Bears are a good comparison (offensively). Outside of Brandon MArshall (who IMO is one of the top 7 receivers in the league), they don't have much and their OL is really bad too. Even Matt Forte's numbers are down. The only difference between Cutler and Flacco is Cutler is a punk who can't stay healthy all year.

    But, I think if you were to give Cutler a better OL, a better TE, and 1 more decent receiving option (maybe that will be Alshon Jeffery?), then I think you'd see Cutler doing a lot of things that he isn't/can't now.
    Jets are a good comparison IMO. Weak OLine, and marginal run game at times, mediocre receivers and QB. Same as the Ravens.

    Sanchez can look good if he has 10 seconds to throw it, and a running game to feed off play action. Same as Flacco. But in today's NFL things are changing; I think if you don't have a top tier QB you need a guy that can run the zone/read, etc.
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