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I agree with pretty much everything you've said except dumping Flacco for Flynn.

#1 - At this point, Flacco has played himself out of a big time contract. No way in hell he is getting a major deal.
#2 - What has Matt Flynn done? He had 1 big game...and that's it. Case and point dude - Joe Philbin didn't even want Flynn enough to get him in Miami and he had NO quarterback there.

Now, if they brought in Flynn as a contingency plan...cool.
First, I have been upset about Joe Flacco most of the season. His irratic play this season has to be a major concern for the Ravens. And even though Joe has played horribly this year except for a few games, he will be franchised and receive a contract equal to the average of the top 5 qb salaries. That will be a lot of money for an inconsistent qb who displays ZERO pocket awareness. The Ravens need to bring in a qb who could compete for the #1 qb position with Joe. But they won't!