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    Well there's your answer

    I said, about a month or 2 months back, that is was a trifecta. Its Joe, It was cam, and its Harbs.. Why did he
    not start BRYANT McKinnie, knowing the pass rush from the Bronco's was coming to town... You cannot tell me
    that the best possible O-line combo was on the field today.. Take a good look, Because next year I think ozzie
    cleans house. Maybe just Maybe, Cam was trying to hide Flaccos flaws. Just a thought.

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    Re: Well there's your answer

    I thought the playcalling today was improved. I saw some creativity that we rarely saw from Cam.

    If there was ever a time when the old "players didn't execute" excuse was finally valid, it was today. The players truly stunk today, especially on offense, and especially Joe.

    In other words I'm still glad Cam got fired.

    It also shows us (as the OP suggested) that Flacco is (likely) also part of the problem. I still think Joe can be our QB of the future but if I'm Stevie B, I am not writing him a massive check for his next contract. We know this: Joe is not "elite".

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    Re: Well there's your answer

    The broncos are a lot better team than the stealers or deadskins. You think Cam would have done any better? They are still using Cam's playbook. Its not like they installed a new offense in a week.

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    Re: Well there's your answer

    Can't fix it all in one week, the main thing they need is a good Oline when they play well, Joe does, when they don't he doesn't and yes he still needs to work on a lot that maybe he nwver could under Cam I don't know.

    I would think that is Caldwell did not think Joe was or could be any good that he would not have taken the job especially since it is a audition for the next few weeks. If Joe lights up the Giants next week, what will the excuses be for that?

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    Re: Well there's your answer

    I predicted 34-17 Denver. This was as ugly as I can remember. I kind of wonder if Joe has been playing hurt because he is just so off with this throws, but he nonetheless has looked absolutely dreadful. We might be seeing his final games in a Ravens uniform.


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