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    Quote Originally Posted by Raveninwoodlawn View Post
    I don't know what to tell you dude.

    The QB is the guy in charge.

    Yes, there are physical mistakes.

    But Joe has the ability to adjust his OL to at least attempt to block someone.
    BUT THEY CAN'T BLOCK AT ALL!!!!! that's my point. It doesn't matter what they are doing.

    Where is Moeller or Harbaugh getting into their asses on the sideline? Why is this solely on Flacco?

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Fuck yeah jj!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayc00 View Post
    Go back to sleep. It's probably more exciting.
    Mmm nah. I gotta watch

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    My Ravens Blog: Brittany Rants About Football
    Ravens-Redskins: Dissecting the Final Drive

    "The days are long. But the years are short." - John Harbaugh

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    There we go!

    Now get some points here!
    Although Walsh's system of offense can compensate for lack of talent; however, defense is a different story. According to Walsh, talent on defense was essential and could not be compensated for. What did Walsh do in 1981? He acquired physical and talented players on defense.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Jacoby Jones.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Nice catch!

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Jacoby Jones is a fucking boss. Pay the man.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Very good guys, now keep it up.
    "A moron, a rapist, and a Pittsburgh Steeler walk into a bar. He sits down and says, Hi Im Ben may I have a drink please?

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Rice has a 1,000 yards on the season.

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Jacoby Jones, GREAT CATCH!

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    Re: Game Thread -- Broncos @ Ravens

    Dan Dierdorf is his usual horrible self.....close call who sucks worse...Dierdorf or Fouts
    A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football,
    -Ray Lewis


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