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    Keys to the game

    The biggest thing that needs to happen for the Ravens is for Ngata and Jones- the interior of the d-line- to have a big game.

    Shove the pocket back in Manning's lap, and good things will happen. Don't do that, and we're going to have a tough time winning.

    On the plus side, Ngata seemed to have more push last game. We'll see.

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    Re: Keys to the game

    No huddle for 60 minutes, score early and often, and hope that somehow our D can hold Manning under 30. And a couple of plays on ST wouldn't hurt.
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    Defense needs to tackle. Denver runs a lot of short routes.

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    Re: Keys to the game

    No lead is safe. Keep the pedal down for 60 minutes; another 4th quarter blown lead and I'm gonna need blood pressure meds
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    Re: Keys to the game

    Keys to the game? Peyton is driving a ferrari and the Ravens are driving a used pinto.

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    O-Line, particularly Oher. Contain Von Miller and we'll have a shot. Contain Peyton and we'll have a shot. I hope the boys had photos of those two by their mirror every morning, Rocky Balboa style

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    It would help if the Ravens DB's don't play 8-10 yards off Denver's Recievers.

    Have to jam them at the line and throw off Manning's timing on their routes. Seems like we've had that problem all year.

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    Re: Keys to the game

    Key for me is not getting Flacco killed by their pass rush. Give him time and we have a chance.


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