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    Re: Broncos at Ravens - predict the score

    Even though the Ravens play better at home, they are looking at Manning. I think he will kill our pass defense.

    Denver 35
    Ravens 17

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    Re: Broncos at Ravens - predict the score

    I think this is a really difficult game to predict.

    To many things at play for the Ravens while the Broncos are just getting stronger. Moreso on defense.

    If it is raining & Webb & Reed are still patrolling the secondary, I think Peyton shows he is still Human. The Broncos D is going to make Flacco look woefully inept.

    I'm going with a low scoring game & Rice is the difference maker. 15-13 Ravens.

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    Re: Broncos at Ravens - predict the score

    Webb won't be patrolling anything, unfortunately.

    I don't think either team scores that few points, but if one does, I am afraid it will be us.

    The only chance of victory, imo, is if the offensive players, in the interest of showing that their previous struggles were mostly Cameron's fault, will give a supreme and inspired effort today and keep pace with Peyton and company. I could envision a 31-28 Ravens win. I also could see a 31-16 loss.

    But I think it mainly depends on our offense.

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    Re: Broncos at Ravens - predict the score

    I have confidence that the Ravens will win today. I don't get how certain people claim we going to get blown away on our own field. Come on guys are you winners or quitters?

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    Re: Broncos at Ravens - predict the score

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeCool5 View Post
    I think there is a strong chance we get run out of our own stadium this Sunday, rain or shine. Sorry to sound negative, but with all of the injuries on defense and Ravens killer Manning coming to town with those young weapons, I can't see us winning.

    34-17 Denver
    Nailed it!


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