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Yes, at the behest of the owners.

The league doesn't see a dime in profits. The individual teams do.

All revenue the league brings in (fines, TV deals, etc) pays for the league operational costs and what's left over gets spread out amongst the 32 teams.
Mmm, doesn't the fine money go to a charity of the player's choice?
He's put in place to be their lightning rod. He takes the hits; that's what he's paid to do.
He's the CEO but they're the Board of Directors & they can vote him out at any time.

Next time y'all start bitching about "greedy players" & strikes & lawsuits, try to keep in mind that as much money as they make, they're still only employees, mostly very short-term hires, who when contracts are violated or working conditions unsafe have no ultimate recourse except the threat of court action.