It's a little late in the year to implement it, but I've never understood why the Ravens didn't try utilizing Leach somewhat in the old Keith Jackson H-back role, at least to some extent. I don't know if he has the ability to run a tight-end route, but I think he'd be able to block like a tight end coming off the line from time to time, and how different is catching a pass in the flat from a swing pass? It's not like, as a fullback, he hasn't run the flat before, anyway.

The biggest thing our new playcaller can do to help Flacco and the pass protection is run more quick routes, and more playaction. Even when we ran playaction the last two weeks, it was desultory and not in situations where the defense had to respect the threat of a run. I hope they've had Flacco working on selling the playaction during practice this week, and have been going over game film to have a better idea when to use it. Mix it up with runs and quick passes, and the chances for a big play will come.