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And played in 22 with playoffs. Your point? He was a rookie who got hurt on special teams because Harbaugh wants to get our #1 draft pick killed on special teams as a gunner when there are plenty of other guys who have zero ability to be a shut down corner.

He played well in the playoffs.

I don't understand how people are getting on dude for being hurt. I saw his ankle get mauled in game #1 last year. That isn't a Dan Cody house of glass play, that was a legit injury.

This year he's had his ups and downs with injury , but you guys are crazy to think he is a bust.

Webb played in like 30 games up to this point in his career with playoffs, and has missed most of this year.
...im completely on your side?

That was my point. Hes had 5 career starts, how he can be considered a bust is beyond me. Especially when he made the play of the playoffs last season.