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    Re: Observations from Someone Who Went to FedEx Yesterday

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBKistler View Post
    The Washington Post obliterated this fallacy a few years ago:

    > They were able to call the ticket office (posing as an average fan) and buy season tickets in just about any part of the stadium.
    > Later, for some of those same seats, they discovered that the Redskins ticket office was putting them up for sale on a game-by-game basis on the secondary-market ticket sites.
    > After repeated badgering by the Post, the Redskins finally allowed them to see their infamous "wait list". Several white-ring binders, locked away in a closet, that looked like they were put together in the 1990s. The Redskins didn't allow them to actually look at any of the names on the list to verify if these individuals were in-fact waiting for season tickets to become available. Redskins said that information was "confidential".
    Until the game against the Ravens, you could easily get visiting team turnback tickets on Ticketmaster for Redskins home games starting 10 days before the game for face plus TM Fees. This game however, only had club seats available for $450 each. Danny is really gouging the fans for the Cowboys game, there are tickets available on the regular Ticketmaster site but the cheapest ones are the Upper Level SRO Tickets in the endzone for around $200 each. Stubhub is cheaper than the regular Ticketmaster site for this game. I'm glad I bought my Ravens-Deadskins ticket in Section 453 on Stubhub for $85 plus StubHub fees. I hope Daniel Snyder isn't giving Steve Bisciotti any ideas about Ravens single game ticket pricing on Ticketmaster!

    There is also a story in the Washington Post recently about how DC City Council member Jack Evans wants to move the FBI to Prince Georges County in exchange for the Redskins to break their lease on FedEx Field and moving back to the District to a new stadium. If that happens, I bet you that Snyder will charge PSL fees in the thousands for the rights to buy season tickets in the new stadium. The only reason FedEx does not have PSLs is because Jack Kent Cooke didn't want them.
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