There couldn't have been a 50/50 or 60/40 split of Slurs to Ravens fans. Somebody on this board said I was stupid for even bringing that up and that in no way shape or form could I be right.

I was there and I would say that we were probably 30% of the crowd and it was a beautiful thing to begin the 7 nation army chant after we thought D. Reed had recovered a fumble. My God I would've loved to have closed that out in winning fashion just to watch those arrogant pricks leave out dejected.

I had one guy that threatened to punch me and I simply pulled a Bobby Bonilla and said to 'make your move'. LOL

I may not still be the same size that I used to be which was around that of Jamal Lewis but I won't let anyone threaten me especially if I wasn't doing anything to him. I had a prick usher chase me down the steps to make me show him my ticket. I said to the idiot that I already showed him but by singling me out you let in about 50 people in just to chase a Ravens fan. Effin loser.

Most of the fans especially the Slurs fans behind me in the lower bowl were cool. Sucks ass that we lost.