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    Help defense with run controlled offence

    The Ravens need to look back to 2008, when they had a strong running game with pass only when neccessary. They would run a full backfield, 2 halfbacks and a fullback, and would eat up the clock.

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    Re: Help defence with run controlled offence

    Right, but it doesn't help when the offensive line can't get consistent push in the run game, because the defense has stacked 9 in the box. The power run game is nice when you have a defense that can stop opposing offenses from scoring, but unfortunately the Ravens have to pass in order to keep up these days.

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    Re: Help defence with run controlled offence

    They ran the ball 35 times yesterday, and Flacco threw it 21 times. They lost.

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    Re: Help defence with run controlled offence

    It's not even about being more "controlled" its about making adjustments and taking whatever the defense give, if the run works go with it out of different formations until they stop it when they do come up with creative quick pass plays to get your QB in a rhythm and open up things back for the run or bigger plays down the field. Just make some freaking adjustments.

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    Re: Help defence with run controlled offence

    The last Td by the Ravens left too much time on the clock. Short passes( bolden catching, then going out of bounds didn't help,stopped the clock),Rice running for 1st down only with tucker kicking the winning field goal.


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