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I don't necessarily disagree with you here, Gota. But then I got to ask, where the hell was Bisciotti and Newsome in the off-season?

I can understand - with the lockout after the 2010 season - Harbaugh being able to lobby successfully to keep Cam around. But what I really question is why the decision to send him packing wasn't made this off-season. Yes, they were also getting a new DC, and maybe they just didn't want to risk that much change, but the other risk - which has now turned into a huge issue - is that you would impede Flacco's growth and never truly understand his potential and limitations in order to make a wise contract offer. Now they are basically screwed...and with this strong-armed tactic in the middle of a playoff push, they may have seriously wrecked their playoff chances.

Yes, Harbaugh deserves blame for hanging on to his friend for too long...but after awhile, the responsibility to make a change (and the accountability for how long it takes and the manner in which it is done) moves upward.

If events played out as some are speculating, I have lost a lot of faith in the Ravens FO. Hope I am wrong...
Bisciotti is not Jerry Jones or Mike Brown. That's why he has a GM and Head Coach. They're the football guys and the experts. If you want to blame someone in my opinion it would be Ozzie. He let Billick keep Cavanaugh way too long a decade ago. He's said before that he doesn't want to tell the coaches who their assistants will be but I wish he had done something sooner.

I do think that Ozzie is the reason why Caldwell was hired. Caldwell was interviewed to be the Ravens head coach. The word was that the team liked him a lot. Then Indy came in and guaranteed him Dungy's job because they didn't want to lose him. I'm sure that when Ozzie saw that Caldwell was available he at least suggested the name to Harbaugh.