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    OT/humor: typical Ravens & Redskins fans

    Pardon me if this had previously been posted -- I was unable to use the board for a few weeks.


    Video below is so accurate, it could be me (although I smile more) talking to one of my Redskin fan friends. Come to think of it, I can't think of any Redskin fan who doesn't talk about football in the same manner. :grbac:

    Does the following sound familiar?

    In a 2003 BBC poll that asked Brits to name the "Greatest American Ever", Mr. T came in fourth, behind ML King (3rd), Abe Lincoln (2nd) and Homer Simpson (1st).

  2. Re: OT/humor: typical Ravens & Redskins fans

    Maybe it's just me, but the Raven fan in that video reminded me so much of WXKevin it ain't even funny.

    Just about everything about him...the way he looks, the way he looked at the Skins fans, how he talked, everything!!
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!


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