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Why is 75% completion percentage that important? I am curious. It seems a bit arbitrary.

How often does the rest of it occur? Also curious.
Well completion percentage is relevant because the higher it is, the more command the offense should have on the game. If you're completing 50% of your passes, it probably means you're susceptible to a lot of stalled drives because of those incompletions. If you're completing 75% of your passes, it should mean you're moving the ball at will, more or less.

That's why there's a near perfect win rate when the performance looks like Joe's did, completion percentage and all.

But, just because you asked, here's the results if you take completion percentage out of the equation:

227 such performances since 2008, and the QB record in those performances is 198-29, including Flacco's loss yesterday, which is still an .872 winning percentage!

And hey, I could get behind making the argument that it's about efficiency at quarterback, not raw numbers. So how about we consider that Flacco threw the ball 21 times, and had a rating of 121.4. That takes into account his efficiency as well as how involved he was in the game.

So how many performances of at least 21 attempts with a rating of 121.4 or better have occurred since 2008? 229.

QB record in such performances: 210-19, for a winning percentage of .917! It holds up over time, as well. I looked as far back as 1988 (that's the past 25 seasons) and in 849 such performances, QBs have a record of 772-77, which is a .909 winning percentage.

When quarterbacks pass as well as Flacco did yesterday, they win at least 9 out of 10 times.