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    Re: Coaching Change?

    If Harbaugh had to be forced to let Cam go, does his seat get a little warmer?

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raveninwoodlawn View Post
    That is something we all felt.

    And they fucked themselves by not doing this earlier. I think Bisciotti wanted to fire Cam the last 2 years and was talked out of it by Harbaugh.

    I think he has hit his boiling point probably.

    But it's really too late right now. They aren't going to know anything for sure off of a 3-5 game sample of games.

    I said it before and I'll say it again...the team royally fucked themselves over by not firing Cam to see what they had in Joe. A lot of people have higher faith in Joe with a new OC than I do, but you just don't know and they won't know going into a year where they likely will have to franchise him.
    This is exactly how I feel.


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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Thank god. It was about execution Cam, and you just couldn't execute putting together a decent game plan. That draw on first down at the end of the first half got him fired.

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by ravenjoe View Post
    Well, now we will see if it was Cam's fault and/or Joe's fault. I believe Joe has to shoulder a lot of the blame here. Yes, he has been stellar at times; but he sorely lacks the 'pocket presence' and the ability to adjust on the fly to compensate for poor play calling - Cam can't do that for him. So, we will see how this plays out. AND, I hope that Biscuit did NOT make this call - he hired Ozzie and Harbaugh to run the show, so let them do their jobs!
    :word Especially the bolded parts.

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    Re: Coaching Change -- Cam Cameron has been Fired

    Wonder if there is an "understanding" in place with Norv Turner for next season...
    "Flacco stepping up and throwing deep down the far sideline... CAUGHT!!! Into the endzone, TOUCHDOWN JACOBY JONES!!!!!"

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    mike freeman ‏@realfreemancbs
    Ravens source confirming what was first reported by ESPN: team fires OC Cam Cameron. Replacement, Jim Caldwell, well liked among players.
    Good to know.

  7. Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by Benny8444 View Post
    does anyone thing Pees should be on the hot seat after the last 2 weeks or was that all on the players for alowing the middle of the field open all day.
    Pees has just about run out of healthy linebackers, and he's using all of the DB depth too. It's hard to say whether anyone else could do significantly better.

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post
    This has Bisciotti written ALL over it .....

    Much like the Fassel firing, there does reach a point where the brass needs to step in because perceptions get skewed because of personal relationships.

    But then again, Harbs brought in Caldwell so maybe it was mutual. Shit, I don't know.
    Maybe John didn't know how to do it because of his relationship with Cam, and Sunday's argument with him before halftime was his "out"?

    Either way, the fanbase got what they wanted. So the question is, does anything change right away? Does Jim install his own system 6 days from Denver coming to town? Or is Jim going to have to continue to call Cam's playbook until the offseason?

    All I'm saying is that don't expect anything to change drastically just yet.

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Yep on WNST!! Thank God!!!

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    I am not willing to say Harbaugh has no balls or it was all Biciotti, this is a positive. No matter how you slice it. There was a poison between Flacco and Cam that had to go.

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    it is what it is, yea it should have been done a season ago, now we will see if Flacco will take off or is this the Joe Flacco of what we been seeing is what we have been and will be getting.

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    I'll tell you this much. I love knowing that Denver has absolutely no clue what to expect from us next week.


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