That's funny as hell! Nice avatar. It been a crazy week. First, i was loving the way the Ravens came out. Rice Rice Baby. But that cooled off quick, lol. But the Sqeelers lost so it was so so good here. 9-4 i'm cool with that.

Now Cam! I like to thank all here for opening my eyes to Cam problems. I feel really good and happy as hell. Flacco without cam in his ear. I think it should've been after the sqeelers game. I don't know about everyone else, but that O just felt wrong and dirty at home against the SQEELERS. At home, Really!!!

But the timing was good for me. 2 game slide, one at home, other up the road, and we was shut down quickly AGAIN! I was all aboard the cam bashing wagon after, 'miscommunications' and Q telling him the middle is Wide open. But aleast, i hope Jim put some checks that are quick and in the middle.

I'm sure alot of people are happy, i'm one, but this feels good and needed and let's get these Manning boys at HOME. Purple Pride