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Not sure what you mean by indicting Flacco. He made an obvious mistake IMHO. Not saying we need to get rid of him or that he isn't good. Don't know why I can' point out a huge play in the game and simply say, that particular play was Player "X"'s fault. We do it for everybody else...but when it's Flacco, everybody gets super defensive.

As for the play...sorry buddy other than the Redskins showing the blitz from jump and Joe being in the shotgun, it is exactly the same...and Joe holding the ball and Eli getting rid of it. Both blitzes came from the right side of the formation. Both had guys completely free bearing down from the right side. Neither guy had time to step up in the pocket.

Joe drifted back a couple steps after his drop from the snap. Eli immediately launched the ball. Eli actually turned his entire body around to protect himself after his throwing motion. T

Whatever man. You just tried to basically make it out like we were the only team in the league in the last...who knows how many decades...that doesn't have a hot route available.

The play could have been salvaged by the QB. No matter how bad you think the play call from the sideline is.
Where did I say that. We obviously don't use if often. It exists I know but's it not something that Cameron uses. I think Joe did try to salvage(key word) the play, but was hit as he threw and ball bounced around into Fletchers hands. Why are they using high risk plays in the RZ with points to be made is my point. That situation shouldn't have to SALVAGED.