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    Re: Coaching Change -- Cam Cameron has been Fired

    It's official. Cam is out and Caldwell is the new OC.

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ngata Da Vida View Post
    I feel relieved yet slightly nauseated - good organizations generally don't do this kind of thing mid-year.

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    Re: Coaching Change -- Cam Cameron has been Fired

    Derrick Mason commenting on Twitter:

    "Players makes the O schemes work. What can Caldwell do that cam couldn't?"

    "been brewing for a while"

    "hiring of Caldwell put wheels in motion for firing Cam"

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by Coastergenius View Post
    If anybody can defend CC's playcalling over the past few years, I'm all ears.
    < Insert sound of crickets chirping here >

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    Re: Coaching Change -- Cam Cameron has been Fired

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirt1 View Post
    It's official. Cam is out and Caldwell is the new OC.
    you're about 30 minutes late
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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBKistler View Post

    Harbaugh very much should be held to account. But at the end of the season. If this is being done now from above, you are in danger of losing the entire team.
    This assumes that people will know that happened that way. Even if Bisciotti told Harbaugh to do it, that doesn't mean the players are ever going to know that.

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by pslholder96 View Post
    I think you're exaggerating a little bit. You can't expect our offense to undergo a complete overhaul in one week. They'll have some clue but we just need to add in a few wrinkles.
    The offense doesn't need to be overhauled. There's nothing wrong with the Coryell or the players we have to implement it. What has been wrong for the most part is Cameron's limited use of the playbook and his insistence on running it backwards, especially on the road.

    Oddly enough, yesterday's game had all the things critics have been pointing at as being necessary. Rice ran it 20 times. As a team, the Ravens rushed more than 30 times, counting Flacco's sneaks. But Cameron didn't adjust after Haslett did, and the offense kept trying to run slow-developing routes on third-and-short situations. You don't force the big play in the Coryell. You pound the rock and take what the defense gives you, and when they try to take that away by creeping up, you put it over their heads. For a while yesterday, it worked well. But after they adjust you have to adjust to that. You can't doggedly insist on doing something despite it's not working.

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    Re: Coaching Change -- Cam Cameron has been Fired

    So all year the focus has been on "execution". Is this what they meant?

    I do not expect a wholesale change to the offensive playbook in the next three games. I do expect a new way to call the game and new twists that are actually used.

    Will be interesting to see what info seeps out from "unnnamed sources".
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    Re: Coaching Change -- Cam Cameron has been Fired

    It is clear from the subtext that many players on Offense didn't like Cam.

    I don't see how this can't be anything but a positive for that group.

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post

    And given this teams track record, even if they had to force Harbs' hand, they are smart enough to do so in a way he still saves face.

    Given the way he was yelling at Cam yesterday, I am willing to bet Harbs is at least ok with this move and didn't fight it.
    Cameron was going to be gone at the end of the season anyway, so I think that episode just cemented it and pretty much made it possible to get it done now.
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    Re: Coaching Change?

    By the way, can anyone get eyes-on Joe Lombardi today?
    No permanent outside hire will be made until 2013, but I just want to know his mood

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    Re: Coaching Change?

    This way they get to see JIm Caldwell up close and personal with the offense.
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