We actually do beat Manning and the Broncos next week with some key defensive pieces come back. Will we still be garbage that needs to fire every coach. will we still not have a chance at winning while possibly being in 2nd place in the AFC (if NE loses tonight)?

Weve seen this team step up and look quite formidable and fall flat on its face. Considering the fact that weve been so banged up on defense the last two weeks, with arguably our most consistent defensive player out (ellerbe), its quite possible that we see a resurgence in defense with Suggs Lewis and ellerbe back. Seeing as the offense has actually been putting up decent scores as of late, its not out of the realm of possibility that were right back in the hunt for a first round bye after next week. Despite all the negativity around here, ill continue to root for my team to progress and hopefully prove to be a better team than weve seen the last two weeks.