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    Rice Hip Pointer/Leach Ankle

    Does anyone know what a hip pointer is and if it will make rice miss a game or two? also what is the deal with leach, I am assuming it is not serious as nothing was really mentioed about it..

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    Re: Rice Hip Pointer/Leach Ankle

    I think Flacco had a hip pointed in 09 that really affected him.

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    Re: Rice Hip Pointer/Leach Ankle

    Rest them til the playoffs.

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    Re: Rice Hip Pointer/Leach Ankle

    Think it's when your hip bone ets a bruise. Don't quote me though lol

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    Re: Rice Hip Pointer/Leach Ankle

    1-2 week injury generally.

    There's a chance he could play with it, I guess, but it's more likely he misses at least 1 game.

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    Re: Rice Hip Pointer/Leach Ankle

    Do you think the Ravens sit him? It not like he needs it to throw (like flacco). They can probably put a brace on it to protect it from further damage.

    If we need Pierce can carry the load for one game to rest Rice. They WILL need him vs NY and CIN.

    What about Leach?


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