Middle of the road team. average offense below average defense. Average coaches, average QB. No killer instinct at all. They will win the division by default and play a 3 point game against any wild card team they play. I knew it in my heart but these last 2 weeks have proved it. In a sense seeing them not make the playoffs or get bumped 1st round may be what it takes for some changes. Sitting back and resting on the 4 straight years in the playoffs mean dick at this point. The steelers and Pats don't talk about how many playoff appeearances they make its about going to super bowls. Maybe the gatoraide bath against pitt last year is they're SB. Pees blows also. If I hear 1 more time about missed communication on defense when we only rush 4. Its obvious they signed some players that don't have very high iq's as they can't remember where to be. McClain looks like hes lost every play. 9-7 or 10-6 at best then dump it in the 1st round.